By the special grace of God, I became born again in 1980 while in school of Health Technology Aba, Abia State. In 1982, the Christian Union made me their president. After my graduation from the school I was posted back to my Local Government as a Civil Servant, I started Deeper Life Bible Church in Arondizuogu where I was posted since there was none there in 1983.

In 1985, I left the church to further my education in the university of Ile-Ife. While on the campus, I held two positions under Deeper Life Campus Fellowship. They were maintenance co-ordinator and campus pastor. After my graduation, I resigned from civil service and went for full time ministry. On coming back I indicated my interest to serve the Lord on full time, which led to my promotion to District Pastor and posted to Afikpo under Deeper Life Bible Church. After some years I was made a region overseer. Few years after the new position, the Lord started dealing with me concerning this ministry (Old Time Faith Ministries).

Since I had no person to share the vision than my wife, as I feared that if I did to another person it would land us into discipline. After sharing the vision with her, we had a problem. This centered on what people would say if they heard. As a result of fear of man, it was abandoned. The Lord did not abandon it, but we were stubborn, but the Lord through his own way made us willing to obey.

Now, not wanting to care of what people will say or feel, I sent my resignation letter to Lagos and state capital. The Lord warned me not to take anybody from the church nor destroy my labour in the land and I should go with my wife alone and He will give us souls. By the grace of God, we obeyed and informed the church. As soon as the news was heard, the whole church busted into weeping. At the end I had to appear before the General superintendent with two other state Overseers who begged me to stay. But I decide to obey God rather than man.

On the 18th February, 1998, I packed my books and few of my clothes and left from Ebonyi State to Rivers State to start a fresh work. On getting to Port Harcourt, I started squatting with my brother while my wife was at Afikpo running her private nursery and primary school. Adaptation to new environment lasted till the end of the year. Old Time Faith Ministries was given birth to in March 1999 at Niger Grammar School at Igboukwu street, D\Line Port Harcourt with my wife, our two daughters and I.

It was one of the roughest periods in our lives. People who were on top before to start from nowhere. We endured it. We printed ten thousand (10,000) handbills at the end on the day only one woman attended the meeting. It seemed that the whole world would scatter. After some months at Niger grammar school, we changed venue to Orogbum Primary School which looked centralized all at D/Line. After some weeks my Wife and children went back to Afikpo to continue to run her Nursery and Primary School. When the money she borrowed from the school account (Rhema International School), People’s Bank Afikpo which she gave to me had finished coupled with the difficulties of running two homes, I told her to sell the School and join me fully. Though it was difficult but she had to sell the school and use the money to support the work promising her that God will give it to her back when we settle down.

The Church had a serious setback coming from powers from my fathers house, witchcraft attack from one of the members and refusal to allow worldliness in the church. But at the end The Lord delivered us.